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Out of province interest in the Calgary market is at an all-time high. Your clients want to invest in our city, give them the seamless experience they deserve.

Meet your in-house property management team.
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Real time rental data
No-cost rental income assessments
Full service property management
Build your client relationships

Meet your in-house property management team.
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Show your clients you only work with the best. Ripple is the property management solution you've been waiting for.

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realtor referral program

We provide, in real time, accurate rental pricing data for potential properties.
Our team boasts in-depth knowledge of the Calgary market dynamics. Simply send us the address of your client's property and within 24 hour, we'll provide you with accurate pricing and comparables.
We work for you at no cost.
We offer accurate rental income assessments to give your clients peace of mind and help them make informed purchasing decisions.
We know that building strong relationships is the key to success.
We nurture the owner relationship while the property is in its rental stage and easily transition back to you when the owner is ready to sell, along with providing extensive rental data to support a quick sale.
When we win, you win
You'll receive a referral fee of 2% of the monthly rent, every month, for as long as we manage a property. Enjoy the recurring revenue with no work on your part, or pass the savings on to your clients. We value our partnership, and we believe our wins should be your wins as well.

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