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Who Chooses Ripple?

People Who Are Looking For More

From a Property Manager.

We are a Lifestyle and Technology company built for Property Management

We have been managing properties for many years, and over that time we have become experts in the type of people that fit with us and need the services we provide. 

  • Clients Who Are Sick Of Extra And Hidden Fees

  • People Who Want More From A Property Manager

  • People Who Want A Positive Relationship Between Owner, Tenant, Vendors, and Manager

  • People Who Think More Can Be Done In Managing Their Properties

  • New Owners and Those Tired Of Managing Themselves

We have also learned who we don't fit well with, and this has been equally important in creating reciprocal relationships built on trust.

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 5.25.00 PM.png

We Are Not A Fit For:

  • Our tenants don't fit with people that do not want to maintain their property

  • Our values don't fit with people who don't respect their tenants

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