Should You Allow Pets in Your Property?

Should you allow pets at your property? It's a question we hear from owners often, and our answer is absolutely.

Cary Jones

Should I allow pets in my rental property? It's a question we hear often, and our answer is absolutely.

As of 2024, the majority of Canadian households have at least one pet. By not allowing pets you risk reducing the amount of qualified applicants to your property by up to 80%. Additionally, pet-friendly units can rent much quicker, meaning you'll greatly reduce your potential vacancy costs.

But a larger applicant pool isn't the only benefit to allowing pets. Pet owners have a higher rate of lease renewal, and tend to be among the more responsible tenants. Pet owners see your property as a home for their family, and will treat it as such.

We understand that some property owners are hesitant to allow pets in their units our of fear of damages, and we completely understand. That is why we complete a thorough move-out evaluation when your tenants leave. If we find any damages to your property as a result of your tenant's pet we will use the damage deposit to ensure that the property is returned to you in the exact same condition as your tenant received it.

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